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  • Cable Car

    I do not support the MWCC proposal.

  • Addressing the Housing Crisis

    If elected I will advocate for: • Inclusionary zoning: ensuring large new developments include a proportion of affordable and social housing through inclusionary zoning requirements. • Creative zoning: looking to other cities around the world that have addressed frontline worker housing difficulties through zoning changes eg. Housing developed specifically for school-teachers near the school they work or hospital workers close to the hospital. • Developer contributions: In most Australian jurisdictions outside of Tasmania developers are required to contribute to public infrastructure, such as footpaths, parkland, storm water and parking upgrades in the vicinity of their developments or payment in lieu of that infrastructure to the local council. This is not currently the case in Tasmania. • Ensuring safe spaces in each municipal area for vulnerable people: Working with existing providers to ensure an adequate supply of crisis accommodation for vulnerable people, such as victims of domestic violence. • Banning whole home short stay accommodation • Voluntary acquisition of key privately owned land for housing: working with State and Federal counterparts to secure funding to acquire existing strategic land that can be on-sold to developers with contracts in place to ensure development meets community needs for increased, diverse housing stock close to key workplaces and transport corridors. • Exploring alternative models of housing: There are many ways to skin a cat, and exploring different models of ownership, such as housing collectives, may form part of the solution. Housing is a key priority for Hobart. I understand the increased difficulty in obtaining housing across all sectors of the market and the cost of living pressures resulting from sky rocketing rents, driven by lack of supply. I know that pressure on housing is only going to get worse with projected 38% population growth between now and 2050, equating to between 60,000 & 100,000 more people calling Greater Hobart home. One third of which will move to urban infill developments in Hobart LGA. That means at least 20,000 more people living between Lenah Valley and Sandy Bay. I acknowledge that past social housing strategies, such as broad acre developments have been an abject failure. We now understand that mixed housing models result in better outcomes for the community. Unfortunately, the Hobart City Deal was a missed opportunity for all levels of government to work together to address the housing crisis. However, I do support the principles of working together across municipalities for the benefit of the whole community as outlined in the Greater Hobart Act 2019. By working together we can ensure a coordinated strategy to address the housing crisis. I also recognize that all levels of government have a role to play inproviding solutions to the housing crisis. As a fresh Local Government face I accept that: • An increase in supply of housing in all sectors of the market is needed to alleviate housing and cost of living pressures • A broader range of housing across Hobart is required to meet a diverse range of needs • There is a paucity of crisis housing for people escaping domestic violence • Urban infill is a priority compared to urban sprawl • Commercial entities developing infill must contribute to public infrastructure to ensure its success. Ryan.

  • Mountain Biking in Hobart

    What actions will I take to strengthen mountain biking in Hobart if elected to council this October? I will advocate for council to: Seek and allocate funding to complete the "Riding The Mountain" plan as a priority Invest in a full-time trail crew to maintain trails in conjunction with local volunteers & clubs Work with Cascade Brewery to ensure informal trails are protected Investigate opportunities for a washdown facility near the silos Work toward a junior & senior pump track in Hobart LGA Work with Hobart Dirt Devils to support events Explore options for a multi-day back country mountain bike ride in greater Hobart. Mountain biking in Tasmania has seen significant growth in Tasmania in the last decade. Hobart has the best city linked mountain biking terrain in the country by some margin. So it is crucial we make the most of that connection and continue to capitalise on the popularity of mountain biking, both in Hobart and abroad. A 2018 report investigated the social and economic benefits of mountain biking in Australia (You can read the full report here). It showed that the economic and social benefits of mountain biking: Furthermore, this report found that in 2018 11% of all mountain bike rides occured in Tasmania, despite our population representing just 2.1% of the Australian population. This can be explained by the popularity of Tasmania as a mountain bike destination and by the popularity of riding within the Tasmanian population. Capitalising on the national popularity of mountain biking would bring significant economic benefit to Hobart. On social media there are frequently posts from interstate travellers asking about trails to ride in Hobart so they can stay an extra few days in conjunction with visiting Blue Derby and Maydena Bike Park. However, the trail network is poorly sign-posted and a rabbit warren that local riders can navigate with local knowledge but interstate riders find very challenging. Without a more formalised mountain bike trail network, Hobart is missing out on a fairly significant tourism opportunity. Recently, Hobart City Council commissioned the "Riding The Mountain" report. This report was so good it has won national awards. It presented a network of mountain bike trails in the foothills of Kunanyi Mount Wellington and proved economic benefits exceeding the outlay. It was well received by all users of the mountain. Despite this amazing work, Hobart City Council has no funding to implement the plan. I believe in the proven social and economic benefits of mountain biking. I want to see more people out on their bikes, more people in the bush and more people visiting Hobart to enjoy what this amazing place has to offer. What do you think? Ryan

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  • Issues | Ryanposselt Com

    Key Issues Councils manage a diverse range of community issues, from rubbish and waste management to fire and flood mitigation, from managing our wild places to providing urban infrastructure. I believe that communities, transport and recreation are three key areas of council business that impact on our everyday lives. Well thought out facilities in each domain will make your life easier, happier and healthier. See the sections below for more detailed positions. You can check out my blog for my thoughts and position on other issues. I don't profess to be an expert in urban planning, or to have all the solutions, but identifying areas in need of improvement will enable council to work with experts to find the best solution to specific problems. Community A sense of community is important to a harmonious society. Local communities make us feel valued, relied upon and interconnected. Councils play an important role in community infrastructure and developing stronger communities. ​ ​ Find out more Transport Transport plays a key role in our everyday life, whether its getting to and from work, picking the kids up from school or heading out to an appointment, transport is a constant in our lives. Councils play a key role in transport facilities. Getting places shouldn't be hard! ​ ​ Find out more Recreation Recreation describes whatever it is you do in your spare time: play sport, bush walk, garden, take the kids to the park, engage with community activities, or head out to a show or gallery. culture. Recreation is a key part of our happiness and councils are heavily involved in this space. ​ Find out more

  • About | Ryanposselt Com

    Early adulthood I met my wife, Bronwyn, at the tender age of 17. We were engaged at 19 and married at 24. She moved to Sydney aged 18 to pursue a career in medicine. I followed her shortly thereafter. Finding a job working in realestate sales with LJ Hooker, Kingsford. I learned quickly, that I could sell property, but yearned for something that gave a little more back to society. I moved to administration, working at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick. Over 3 years, I moved my way up from ward clark to personal assistant to the Director of Clinical Services. Even though I was vicariousy helping people by making the hospital function, I still wanted to do more to help. So I applied to NSW Ambulance, I was successful and began my training in May 2010. About me Hi. ​ I'm Ryan. ​ I'm a passionate 34 year old who lives with his wife and loveable toddler in West Hobart. I love hanging out with my family, mountain biking, hiking, camping and watching Formula 1. I have tertiary qualifications in Paramedic Science (CSU), Nursing (UTAS) and Health Research, focusing on system performance (UTAS). I've been a paramedic for 12 years and have been exposed to so many of society's problems in that time. In my day to day work, I endeavour to make people's lives better, but I can only fix one person at a time. Hence, I have decided that I can put my skills, compassion and kindness to work on a larger scale by running for elected office. I am a hard worker who values efficiency, accessibility and quality in the systems that we interact with every day. I believe we should live sustainably with the resources this planet has to offer. ​ I also believe in transparency and accountability: I am unashamedly me. I am not owned by anyone, my campaign costs come from my own hard earned savings and I have no vested interests in property, business or share holdings.

  • Get Involved | Ryanposselt Com

    SHOW YOUR SUPPORT Do you believe Hobart can be a great place, where families and communities can be happier and healthier? ​ Do you want to see great local infrastructure? ​ Do you want transport of all modalities supported, and easy to use? ​ Why not reach out via email or phone to arrange a time to meet with me and discuss your concernes, ideas or vision for our collective future. ​ Get in touch today! Contact 0491 967 336 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

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