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My Philosophy

As a paramedic of 12 years I've realised that our society needs to work for all cross-sections of society: the young, the old, families and people of all abilities. I believe that a sense of belonging and community are important parts of a cohesive, and happy society. Study after study shows that deep and meaningful relationships are the key to happiness.

I also know that healthy communities are happy communities. Providing infrastructure that enables all members of society to get out in the sunshine and get some exercise is an important role of councils. Encouraging active transport, providing safe footpaths for the elderly and less able, and enhancing sporting facilities and parkland are all important parts of a healthy community.

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Councils can play a key role in enhancing a sense of community by providing well thought out community infrastructure. This can include parks, sporting facilities, playgrounds, public transport infrastructure and recreation areas. It also includes supporting local bussiness and enhancing 

streetscapes that surround them to create a village type feel in each and every suburb. Somewhere where you interact regularly with the same people in your community: you see the same people at the bus stop, the dog park or the shops. Comfortable, well designed facilities encourage people to pause, maybe striking up conversations and forming new relationships within their community. 



I believe that life is often complex and stressful. Council's can make your quality of life better, reducing stress and allowing you to spend more time doing what ever you love. Transport is a constant in our lives. Every day people move about for work, play and the essentials. When transport systems don't work well, it creates unneccesary stress in our lives. Thats why I support a number of transport modalities such as, busses, cars, uber, bikes, personal e-transport, ferries and trackless trams. All transport modalities should be safe, efficient, easy to access and cost effective. Whether its bus stop infrasturcture, protected bike lanes or adequate footpaths, you should feel safe and comfortable. Council can provide this by building appropriate, cohesive and well thought-out transport facilities throughout the municipality to suit all needs.  

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Recreation plays an important role in all of our lives. It may be kids playing sport, digging in the local community garden, taking the dog for a run, getting back to nature on Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, mountain biking or taking a stroll around the local streets. Regardless of what takes you to your happy place, council can support and improve facilities making your "me" time more rewarding and rejuvenating. Council plays an important role in many aspects of recreation including: Maintaining our wild places, while making them accessible for all. Distributing community grants for projects important to your community. Supporting community gardens. Maintaining greenspace and sporting facilities in your community. Listening to and consulting with communities to build and maintain facilties that are tailored and appropriate for that commuity.

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