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Early adulthood

I met my wife, Bronwyn, at the tender age of 17. We were engaged at 19 and married at 24. She moved to Sydney aged 18 to pursue a career in medicine. I followed her shortly thereafter. Finding a job working in realestate sales with LJ Hooker, Kingsford. I learned quickly, that I could sell property, but yearned for something that gave a little more back to society. I moved to administration, working at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick. Over 3 years, I moved my way up from ward clark to personal assistant to the Director of Clinical Services. Even though I was vicariousy helping people by making the hospital function, I still wanted to do more to help. So I applied to NSW Ambulance, I was successful and began my training in May 2010.

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About me


I'm Ryan.

I'm a passionate 34 year old who lives with his wife and loveable toddler in West Hobart. I love hanging out with my family, mountain biking, hiking, camping and watching Formula 1. I have tertiary qualifications in Paramedic Science (CSU), Nursing (UTAS) and Health Research, focusing on system performance (UTAS).


I've been a paramedic for 12 years and have been exposed to so many of society's problems in that time. In my day to day work, I endeavour to make people's lives better, but I can only fix one person at a time. Hence, I have decided that I can put my skills, compassion and kindness to work on a larger scale by running for elected office.  I am a hard worker who values efficiency, accessibility and quality in the systems that we interact with every day. I believe we should live sustainably with the resources this planet has to offer.

I also believe in transparency and accountability:  I am unashamedly me. I am not owned by anyone, my campaign costs come from my own hard earned savings and I have no vested interests in property, business or share holdings.

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