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RACT Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

RACT updated its 30 year transport vision for greater Hobart this week. In broad terms I applaud their vision and their well thought out document. We all know that Hobart's roads have become increasingly congested over the last few years but did you know:

  • Hobart has the 4th most congested roads in the country?

  • Hobart has the worst % change in travel time of any city in the country?

  • 84% of commuters use a private vehicle to get to work, the highest of any capital city?

  • Congestion costs the economy $100 million / year?

  • Fuel costs in Hobart are higher than in other capital cities?

These are all incentives for us to act on transport right now! I believe in planning for the future, and building the infrastructure we will need in 30 years right now. I also believe that the economic and social benefits of fixing transport in greater Hobart out-weigh the costs. Interest rates are low at the moment, which means that money is cheap to borrow, especially for large government entities.

So, it is great to see an independent body, like RACT, produce a document that can guide decision makers to achieve a global, cohesive transport strategy for greater Hobart. It is important to note that many of the recommendations fall in the State Government jurisdiction and some rely on federal funding. However, many aspects fall firmly into the portfolio of the Hobart City Council

If elected to Hobart City Council I will support:

  • Creating protected active and alternative transport "spines" that connect key transport corridors, joining Sandy Bay Rd, Elizabeth St, The Intercity Cycle Way and The Rivulet Track

  • Delivering infrastructure that provides greater separation between people and vehicles

  • A settlement strategy that encourages infill development and densification around key transport corridors and active urban centres

  • Upgrading public transport infrastructure, like bus stops, and ferry terminals to be fit-for-purpose, as well as be a pleasant place to be, providing live transport information to users through modern IT infrastructure

  • The implementation of transport hubs at key locations in the city, like the Royal Hobart Hospital and University of Tasmania

  • The primary end terminus of the northern suburbs transport corridor being in the Hobart CBD, not Macquarie Point

  • Greater connectedness between the CBD and waterfront

  • A less car-centric waterfront precinct

I believe we can be even more ambitious with some of the State jurisdiction interventions than RACT's vision. For example, a comprehensive ferry service, with 8 terminals up and down the River Derwent, can be implemented at relatively low cost right now. And a decision on transport modality in the Northern Suburbs Transport Corridor can be made right now, with procurement and tendering starting tomorrow. Let's be ambitious and build a better future for tomorrow, today!

You can read more about RACT's Transport vision by clicking the link below. Use the comments button to let me know what transport solutions you think we should be focusing on!

What Hobartians told RACT in 2019:

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